Religion and Adolescent Health & Welfare

The Jeremiah Project (Center for Civic Innovation, Manhattan Institute, NY) 
An effort headed by John Dilulio to study, promote and replicate the work inner-city ministers are doing in reducing youth violence and restoring civil society to urban communities across America.

Public Health and Faith Communities (Interfaith Health Program, American Public Health Association)
Research reports on the role of faith communities in promoting public health, including a focus on the health of youth.

Spirituality in Adolescent Health Interest Group (Society for Adolescent Medicine, Blue Springs, MO)
Advocates and shares research on religious commitment and its influence on teenage decisions in the area of health and welfare, such as suicide and other violence prevention, teen pregnancy prevention and pregnancy outcomes, and substance abuse prevention.

Straight Ahead Ministries (Westboro, MA)
Provides holistic services to juvenile offenders while they are in institutions and after they are released into society. Currently operates in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, Colorado, Nebraska and Oregon. Evangelical and inter-denominational, the mission is to curb the cycle of juvenile crime and produce positive leaders in society through the holistic intervention of positive adult role models. This process begins in the juvenile institutions with group Bible studies, one-on-one relationships, tutoring, and sports tournaments with Christian volunteers from the community. 

Institute for Minority Health Research (Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, GA)
Focused on addressing health issues among ethnic and racial minority populations in the U.S., including a project on youth, AIDS, and the black church.