Research on Youth and Religion 

The Search Institute (Minneapolis, MN)
An independent, nonprofit organization advancing the well-being of adolescents and children by conducting research and evaluation, developing publications and practical tools, and providing training and technical assistance. With attention to religious congregations, it promotes long-term organizational and cultural change that supports the healthy development of children and adolescents.

Factors in Youth and Young Adult Faith Experience and Development
A new longitudinal study of the faith development of American youth being conducted by scholars at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN) and Southwestern Baptist Seminary (Fort Worth, TX). Examines factors in youth and young adult faith experience and development. The project is currently engaged in in-depth pilot interviews with youth. A longitudinal survey is planned for the future.

The Youth and Religion Project (University of Illinois at Chicago, IL) 
Intends to understand how religious institutions can and do serve the needs of younger Americans in our rapidly changing society. Explores students’ experiences with religion and youth-oriented programs of religious institutions in the metropolitan Chicago area. Encompasses young people of many religious, national, racial, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds and religious institutions of all faith communities.

The Symbolism, Media, and Lifecourse Project (University of Colorado School of Journalism, Boulder, CO) 
An interdisciplinary academic study, including research by Lynn Schofield Clark on how the electronic media play a role in the religious or spiritual identities of American youth, on teens’ use of the Internet, and on the role of mass communication education in religious leadership formation.

Travis Research Institute Center for Research in Child and Adolescent Development (Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA)
The center’s purpose is to further knowledge of positive development in childhood and adolescence, with a specific focus identifying ecological factors that are associated with the promotion of well-being and the prevention of risk among children and youth, and the unique role of community resources in shaping these positive developmental outcomes. Current research focuses on the positive development of attributes of character including moral and religious identity, and restraint from risk, violence and aggression. Future research is directed to the identification of value-oriented resources, psychological mediating constructs and positive developmental outcomes. Projects include a collaboration with Search Institute on a profile of student life, attitudes and behaviors; pilot tests of a religious commitment, affiliation, and support measure; a multi-year effort to develop interventions for school systems to deal with the problem of bullies and victims; and a longitudinal study of Pasadena area youth focused on the development of moral identity in adolescence.

Barna Research on Teenagers (Ventura, CA) 
A survey research firm providing information and analysis regarding cultural trends and the Christian Church since 1984. 

Gabriel Media Studies Center (Sedalia, CO) 
Explores the relationship between media and religion, examining how media affects spiritual and religious values, with an emphasis on youth.

The Religion, Culture, and Family Project (The Divinity School, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL) 
Seeks to address the contemporary crisis in American family culture from a range of theological, historical, legal, biblical, and cultural perspectives. Believes that religious traditions have valuable theological, ethical, and institutional resources to help revitalize North American families and family culture. Brings together more than one hundred leading Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and other religious scholars of both liberal and conservative convictions to produce a series of books on religion and the family, together with conferences, articles, and media projects.

The Valuegenesis Project (John Hancock Center for Youth Ministry, La Sierra University, CA)
A research project on youth in the Seventh-day Adventist church.